Videos of some of our YGO Dream Hunts!


We’ve been fortunate enough over the last few years, to be able to take some lucky youth on very memorable hunts. Below are some videos, documented proof that we are Creating Lasting Impressions.


The only thing better than being the guy pulling the trigger is being the guy behind the camera when one of these youth pull the trigger. In that moment and the moments to follow, true, raw emotion flows out and the joy in their faces is worth all the money in the world. Sure it's the experiences leading up to that moment that are cultivating a true love for the outdoors, but it's in that moment when it all comes pouring out...and we love it!

Nathan & Parker - Kansas 2017

Javed & Terry - Kansas 2016

Dallas Gilbert & Britton Shipp - Kansas 2015

Jesse Allred - 2014 Alton, UT CWMU

Gaige Brindley - 2013 Kansas Whitetail

Turner Koyle & Dalton Anderson - 2014 KS Whitetail

Justin Butt, Jr. - 2012 Kansas Whitetail

Thomas Albritton - 2013 Alton, UT CWMU

Morgan Payne - 2012 Cow Elk, Utah

Colby Harris - 2013 Cow Elk, Northern Utah

Cheyenne Roberts - 2011 Bull Elk, Colorado