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Meet the YGO Team!

Nate Young


Nate has a great love for God, family, the outdoors and our hunting heritage. It’s these same shared passions that led Nate and his wife Kristine to found Wildbone youth (now Young Guns Outdoors) in 2011. Since then Nate’s dream of taking a few very deserving youth on dream hunts each year with their parent or guardian to create bonds and memories that would last a lifetime has been fulfilled with the help of great volunteers and sponsors.  Another dream that Nate had of introducing hundreds of youth each year to shooting sports was also fulfilled in 2015 when the YGO pellet gun/ archery trailer was created to allow youth to shoot guns and bows at different events throughout the state of Utah each year. Nate and the YGO team works hard to pass on this great heritage to our next generation, together they are Turning Youth Wild!

Kris Young


Kristine loves the mountains; she loves spending time in the outdoors. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking with family and friends. Nate and Kristine founded Wildbone Youth (now Young Guns Outdoors) to be able to give deserving kids a chance to enjoy the great outdoors that has come to mean so much to them.

Michael King


Mike is an avid hunter and has been
his entire life.  He loves hunting and camping with his family and friends and spends a lot of time each year doing so.  Mike joined the Young
Guns Outdoors Team after
experiencing a YGO hunt with his nephew.  He loved the YGO program and wanted to be involved in helping provide these hunting opportunities
for young hunters.

Randy Ginest


“Hunter Randy” as one of the local
kids call him, has always taken the
time to share his love of the outdoors to anyone that wanted to listen. Randy enjoys going on hunting trips with family and friends, not always leaving with a filled tag but coming home with new stories and new friends.  Young Guns Outdoors allows him the opportunity to spend time in the woods, sharing his knowledge and desire for the sport.

Josh Austin


Since childhood, Josh has shown a passion for hunting, fishing and trapping.  Black Bear hunting in Canada, fly fishing the Big Horn and hunting the peak of the Kansas whitetail rut was only the beginning
of the passion. Now, Young Guns Outdoors has given him the opportunity to pass the passion and respect for the outdoors that had been instilled in him, as a young boy.

Dane Buchmiller


Dane loves spending time in the outdoors hunting, fishing & hanging out with family and friends. He loves
to take his own kids as well as others along with him on his outdoor adventures, and loves being a part
of Young Guns Outdoors where he
can help to share his love of  the outdoor way of life.

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