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Some of the youth and parents of the youth that have been chosen for our Hunt Give Aways in the past have a bit to say about their experiences...

Javed. The name given by his birth parents, destined to be our child. The moment I saw his picture I knew he was our baby, but the first words my husband, Cody, said when he saw the picture of this beautiful baby boy was “How will we do that?” I responded with “We just will.”

I had no hesitation about this baby who was born missing hands and only being blessed with one leg. Javed came home to us at two and a half years old from India. He was close to three and a half years old when he first learned to walk with a prosthetic leg and from that moment, he never stopped. He developed a love of sports and the outdoors and never let his physical limitations hinder him. There are few things Javed can’t do, but when he asked about taking Hunters Education so that he could go hunting with his dad, it was me this time who asked “How will we do that?” Cody reminded me “We just will.”


So Javed did what he always does and found a way. He passed the tests and enjoyed his first year of the deer hunt with his dad. He was excited to have harvested his first deer but we could tell he was let down that it wasn’t him who pulled the trigger, as his Dad Cody had to help him.

The next year, we received an email from Young Guns inviting Javed to hunt with them. We learned that he would be going to Kansas to hunt white tail deer and that we would be supplied a rifle with a tripod set up just for him. Javed would now have the opportunity to not only hunt, but to pull the trigger himself. Javed’s smile when hearing about this opportunity, was all it took for us to know how thrilled he was.


Javed and his dad were treated with the hunt of Javed’s life; an opportunity we could not have given him ourselves. Javed and Cody flew to Kansas and stayed at an amazing cabin during their trip. One of Cody and Javed’s favorite things about the experience was going to the hunting lodge at the end of each day, having dinner, and sharing stories with great company. Javed enjoyed being able to hunt in a way that worked for him, he said that he loved that the set up from YGO allowed him to shoot all on his own, without any help. The first night of the hunting trip I received a call from Javed telling me he had shot a deer the first day out. For Javed, it was all about the experience, and the independence of setting up his rifle and pulling the trigger; It was about feeling “normal” in a world that sometimes makes him feel less.


Even though Javed bagged his buck the first night, the trip didn’t end there. Javed and Cody enjoyed visiting the Hutchison Strataca Salt Mines, playing basketball and football, and sharing the YGO experience with Nate and Chase Young along with the rest of the YGO team. This hunt not only brought Javed the joy of harvesting a deer on his own, but it allowed our entire family to share in his joy as we heard all about his experiences with YGO. This hunting experience came at a time when God knew our family needed a special blessing and will forever be known to our family as one of the most special gifts we have ever received. Javed’s experience with YGO will be one that is talked about around Nordell campfires for years to come. Young Guns Outdoors is a blessing we are so thankful for. “Thank you” seems so little, but from our hearts, we are so grateful for the memories YGO gave us.


- Bonnie Nordell

On November 1st 2014 my wife & I got a phone call we’ll never forget. Our 16 year old son Britton was in a bad ATV accident in a remote location and was being transported by life flight to our area hospital. Britton had sustained life threatening head injuries and was in coma on arrival. Our world was turned upside down in that instance. After 5 major brain surgeries, 87 days in coma and 166 straight nights in the hospital, we brought our boy home on April 10th 2015.


Britton was in a wheelchair and had very little motor function when we brought him home. He had therapy every single day, whether it was physical, speech or occupational. He was learning how to talk again, eat again, read again & how to just be a 16 year old kid again.

One day I received a phone call from Nate Young of Young Guns Outdoors. He was really excited, but hesitant on the phone with the questions he was about to ask me. He had told me that Britton had been nominated by numerous people to receive one of the many hunts that Young Gun Outdoors offers to the youth hunters each year. His concerns were real, because of Britton’s condition and he wanted to know from me if it would even be possible if Britton was selected. This is when the light went off in my head…. I couldn’t possibly think of a bigger, better motivation for real world recovery  for a 16 year old boy that loved to hunt.


When Nate & Kristine Young along with Dane Buchmiller arrived at our house a month later to present Britton with a Kansas Whitetail Hunt from the whole YGO Board, it was a turning point in our son’s recovery. He knew now he had to do everything possible to get himself ready to make this hunt happen. He made goals to get out of that wheelchair and walk on his own. He knew he needed to figure out a way to shoot his gun again, even with the perils of his damaged eyes & eyesight. He wanted to be strong & ready and this hunt that YGO awarded to him, gave him that extra motivation he needed.


Months later and with tons of target practice under our belt, September rolled around and we found ourselves in Kansas ready to hunt whitetail deer. He had no wheelchair, He was walking with assistance, He had his gun sighted in and excitement in his veins. As a father being there with my boy, knowing we were going to hunt together again was a feeling that I can’t explain. Ten months earlier, I wasn’t sure my boy was even going to make it, and there we were ready to hunt whitetail in Kansas.


With the amazing help of The YGO Staff, Nate, Randy & Josh, Britton was able to harvest a 10 point whitetail at 80 yards on the 2nd day of his hunt. Randy Ginest was with Britton and I the whole time and he recognized & observed the situation that we would have to be in to make this dream come true for Britton. He spent a whole afternoon constructing a ground blind just for Britton that turned out to be the perfect ticket to get the job done.

 I can’t put into words the bond that Britton & Randy had for each other. I truly believe God puts people together when needed most. I do know that the friendships created on that hunt will NEVER be broke. Britton’s fellow youth hunters Dallas & Chase and all the fun times they shared. From all the late night talks & card games to The Hutchison Strataca Salt Mines. The admiration I have for the YGO Crew and their sweet families that took care of us for that week (The Hunting Cave & Great meals) will never be forgotten. Thank You YGO for being selfless and making this something our boy will forever remember!


- Jesse & Britton Shipp

In the summer of 2015 I received a call from Nate Young of Young Guns Outdoors. He called to let me know that my son Grayden had been selected to participate in a Colorado deer hunt through the Young Guns Outdoors program.  Grayden was so excited that he immediately called friends and family telling them of the exciting news.


Grayden has always loved to be outdoors hunting or fishing. He loves to come along and be a part of the experience, but he has never been comfortable with or had a desire to shoot a rifle.


Throughout the summer and fall, Grayden's excitement continued to grow.  This excitement was the motivation that helped Grayden put time in at the rifle range. It was gratifying to see Grayden work hard throughout the summer learning to shoot a rifle and gaining the confidence that he needed for this hunt.


Nate, the Weimer Family, and even the other hunters in camp, all worked hard to find a nice buck for Grayden to shoot that was within his comfortable shooting range.  On Thursday afternoon, they found a nice 4 point buck that was in a location that allowed us to get close enough for a good shot.  With the use of Nate's trigger sticks, Grayden hit the deer 4 out of 4 shots and harvested a beautiful 4 point buck!  It was a great experience to see Grayden's efforts throughout the summer and fall culminate with some great shooting in the heat of the moment.


Grayden was able to harvest his buck early in his hunt.  This provided us a couple of days before we needed to head home.  As such, Nate graciously invited us to tag along with him on his bull elk hunt.  From across the canyon, Grayden was able to help spot many elk that Nate was able to consider for shooting.  Late in the afternoon Nate was able to shoot a nice 6 point elk.  Grayden was able to watch the whole thing through the spotting scope.  I think that Grayden had almost as much fun watching Nate shoot his elk as he did shooting his deer the previous day.


Both Nate with YGO and the Weimer Family of Weimer Hunting went out of their way to provide a great hunt in a family friendly atmosphere.  YGO made sure that Grayden was equipped with top of the line equipment from head to toe.  At deer camp, the Weimer Family made us feel as if we were part of their family.  It was heartwarming to be surrounded by so many people that had only known us for a few days yet cared so much for us.  All of the people we met on this hunt were cheering for Grayden's success from the minute we arrived.  They all shared in the joy of his harvest when we returned to camp with his buck.  Even now, Grayden talks about his hunt and the friends he made on the hunt.


I am not sure that I can properly express the gratitude that I feel towards Nate Young and Young Guns Outdoors.  Young Guns Outdoors is an awesome program focused on making sure that kids and their families enjoy a great experience together in the outdoors.  This experience has provided Grayden and I with memories and friendships that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank You!


- Robert Worley

Dallas and I can’t really thank you guys at Young Guns Outdoors enough for the experience we had in Kansas. We made some lifelong friendships with the YGO team and the Shipp family, as well as a lifetime of hunting stories that Dallas is still telling anybody and everybody that will listen. So thanks again for showing Dallas what a lil passion can do.


- Todd Branin

Watching the excitement of Wyatt anticipating his elk hunt was so fun! He was so excited to go. The whole experience was so fun. To see the joy on his face when the elk went down was priceless.


It was a wonderful experience to see my son learn and grow. And to see the joy and fun he had in harvesting his elk. Not only that, but it was also great to see him have more self confidence. We are very grateful to Wildbone youth for providing this opportunity for Wyatt. The way Wildbone Youth gives back to young hunters is awesome! Thanks Nate and Kris for your generosity and kindness!


- Chris & Janell Johansen

Wildbone Youth is an amazing group of people that truly care about the kids they provide hunting opportunities for.  Turner’s experience with Wildbone Youth is one that he will never forget.  Not only was it an amazing hunt, it was an amazing experience to associate with the wonderful people from Wildbone Youth who donate their time and expense for such a great cause.  Thank you Wildbone Youth for giving us memories that will last a lifetime!


- Michael King

After what felt like an eternity of driving, we finally arrived in Alton. My dad Wade, Dane Buchmiller and I unloaded our stuff and put it in our rooms. That night we saw several nice bucks, but Wade Heaton, our guide for the night and the owner of the ranch, assured me we could find a better one. The next morning was fairly uneventful; we saw a few bucks, but not any worth shooting. Later that evening is when the excitement started to set in. I was told of a 4X4 buck that they said I could shoot and they knew the whereabouts of it. We went out in the truck with Josh, our guide for that day, and headed out to try to find this buck. I had always heard of buck fever, and I felt like I was prepared to deal with it; I was obviously wrong. After flying down the road to catch it before it left the ranch, I was set up with the Triggerstick and my gun pointed and ready. At about 125 yards there stood the buck, perfectly broadside, perfectly still, and I still missed. To be honest I don’t remember aiming, I was too excited to even function. I must have used all of my luck for the next year in those next few minutes because I was able to take another shot at the buck, this time at about 420 yards. I got set, actually aimed, and fired. I still swear I heard the bullet slam into the buck, but I can’t say for sure. We had to chase the buck around for about 20 minutes because it refused to die. The final shot was a beauty, right up the hind end (I actually shot half the tail off with that one) I had bagged my first animal, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. I shot a 4X4 with two cheaters on the right side, scoring 180. The only reason why I was able to have this amazing experience was Wildbone Youth. They provided the opportunity for me and my dad to go have a memorable experience together, and to get me hooked on hunting. I’ll be a Wildbone Youth supporter for the rest of my life.

- Jesse Allred

I could never thank Wildbone youth enough for the opportunity and experience that they gave to me and my son. They helped build a young boys confidence and made him see that he is good enough and that he does not go unnoticed. They gave me the opportunity to share a once in a lifetime experience with him, making memories and building bonds. Through kindness and determination to change youths life they showed my son that big things can happen when you are determined and follow through. They gave him a bigger love for the outdoors and an appreciation of all things wild. Thank you Wild bone youth and all the sponsors that make hunting possible for these youth...

- Natalee Anderson

My granddaughter, CamRee Iverson, won Wildbone Youth’s doe antelope hunt donated by Deseret Land and Livestock. She was very excited and began working on passing her Hunter safety so she could get to hunt. In the meantime she sustained a very severe broken leg. She was determined to follow thru and still try to go on her hunt.  She struggled with walking but wouldn’t give up on her hunt. After visiting with Todd Black, Deseret’s wildlife manager, he assured us he would make the hunt happen if she could walk at all. The dates rolled around and CamRee was ready and excited.  With her new camo, donated by King’s Camo, a new Trigger Stick, donated by Wildbone, and the use of a juniors sized rifle, Also provided by Wildbone, we we on our way. We met Todd at the gate, and he told us he had seen a group of antelope bedded just over the hill.  We drove up to where we could see the bedded antelope, and Todd helped her get set up for a shot at 275 yards. He told her to shoot when she was ready, but her first shot went high right over the does back.  Todd talked to her and helped her get ready for another shot as she had never stood up.  When she stood, CamRee’s second shot flew true and the antelope dropped in her tracks.  The excitement of what had just happened hit her and we couldn’t get her to quit smiling.  She was so excited and told us how fun it was to get the chance to hunt.  She was so thankful for the opportunity that Wildbone Youth provided, and can’t wait for her next hunting adventure.   Thank you so much to Nate and Kris for turning my granddaughter “wild”.  She will be a hunter for life after this great experience.   She talks about her hunt every time we get together, and that big smile returns.   I am so grateful to Nate and Kris for providing our youth with quality, enjoyable hunts, and allowing them to understand the reasons that we love the sport of hunting like we do.


- Rick Farnsworth

Coby and I would like to thank you guys and all of the Wildbone youth group for all you do for our youth and for one of the most memorable hunts I have ever been on. Coby has not stopped talking about this hunt; it has helped us look at hunting in a whole new light. You have made a young man’s dream come true and we can’t thank you guys enough.


- Blake & Coby Harris

My son Thomas just went on his hunt the past couple of days. This is an amazing organization. It really has very little to do with hunting. He has learned respect for the outdoors and what it means to truly hunt and bring home food. He also has made memories with his Dad that he will carry for the rest of his life. The importance of this organization cannot be overstated. It teaches these kids about life and finding their own way. Plus it is so much fun! Thanks Wildbone Youth! We’re so happy to have had this exprience.


- Toni Albritton

We just wanted to thank you for the opportunity for Gaige to go hunting this year. He has always loved being outside, whether it be hunting  with his dad, fishing, camping, or just farming, he loves the outdoors!  He is small for his age and has always struggled with holding up a gun long enough to get a good shot. Nate, the trigger stick that you let Gaige use allowed him to gain the confidence and love to really shoot a gun.


The trip to Kansas is something that Gaige will never forget.  His anticipation of the trip was a thrill for our whole family.  Thank you so much for the whitetail hunt of a life time!  Gaige is still talking about the hunt like it was yesterday! He had a total blast, not just  getting an awesome buck, but having the time of his life!  The plane trip, the good food, the lodging, and especially the great company. . . and we didn’t have to worry about any of it. . . thank you!


Thanks also for the video. As his mom, I can’t tell you how many times we have watched it and I still tear up at Gaige’s  reaction to shooting his first buck.


I can’t explain the pure joy of seeing and hearing his excitement and how nervous he was about whether or not he really hit the buck.   He not only surprised us with his great shot, but I think he surprised himself too!


We will forever be grateful to Wildbone Youth and all those involved in helping Gaige harvest his first buck.  The trip was great, but the friendships and memories that he made are what he will always remember. Thanks for taking such good care of him. We will never be able to say thanks enough for the trip of his life time!

- Ster & Tiffany Brindley

I would like to thank all of you at WildBone Youth, for a chance at making unforget-table memories with my son Justin Jr and I. Having severed in the military, I have had to sacrifice a lot of time from his life. I have been deployed overseas three times in the last ten years. Lil J is only fourteen now, so I feel that the chance you have given me with him on the Kansas youth hunt will never be replaced. It was his first hunt with me and his first harvest. Kristine, Nate, Randy, and Chase I would like to thank you for taking the time away from your families to spend with us on this hunt.  Justin and I enjoyed the hunt so much. The WildBone crew took us in and treated us like family and made this hunt one we will never forget. Lil J and I feel like we have made an everlasting friendship with all of you.  Definitely a memory we both will cherish forever!

- Justin Butt, Sr.

We encourage every parent or family member who hunts and has children interested in hunting to check out! Great site that is 100% family oriented, ethical hunting practices and puts kids first. You ask how I know this? Our daughter Cheyenne won a youth hunt through and founder Nate Young. Silver Spurs Outfitters donated a trophy bull hunt to make all this happen. What a great experience it was not only for our daughter but ourselves as well. Wildbone Youth and Nate Young completely understand that kids are the future of our hunting heritage!


- Tim & Shai Roberts

In June of 2014, I met Nate Young from Wildbone Youth for the first time.   I had drawn the Utah mule deer sportsmans tag and Nate was one of the great men that volunteered to help me find what turned out to be the buck of a lifetime. Nate spent 20+ days on the Henry Mountains scouting with our group and on his own.

It is hard to put into words how grateful I am for Nate Young and Wildbone Youth. Not many people can say they have been part of making someone’s dreams literally come true. Nate Young and Wildbone Youth were a huge part of making mine come true! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you spent helping me with my hunt!

Nate’s dedication and determination to find me the best possible buck to fill my tag led to the harvest of a 240” giant.

Nate not only spent his time scouting, he also shared his many talents teaching and coaching me through the hunting process, right up to the moment I pulled the trigger. I learned so many valuable hunting and life lessons during the time we spent hunting together.

I can’t thank Nate and Wildbone Youth enough. Nate’s efforts have planted a desire in me to help other youth hunters the way he helped me.   Thanks Nate!

- Kolten Probert

In October of 2013, I had the time of my life.  I was lucky enough to hunt moose anywhere in the state of Utah. This hunt took place after I spent a week in Primary Children’s Hospital with traumatic injuries from a bad fall.  Nate Young with Wildbone Youth was also at the hospital for several days to show his love and support.  After a few weeks of recovery we were finally able to begin the hunt for the 2013 Sportsman’s Bull Moose hunt.  When we saw that first moose I was hyped and ready to shoot. I mean I didn’t really even know what a good sized moose was. But I sure am thankful that my dad Cody Payne with Storm Ridge Guides and Outfitters, along with Nate wouldn’t let me shoot just yet.  The second day of our hunt we located a bull that we couldn’t pass up.  It was almost a mile across the canyon so we decided to drive across to the other side of the canyon and put a stalk on him.  We got up there and spotted him at a few hundred yards.  I couldn’t get comfortable so Nate and my dad both told me if I couldn’t get comfortable then don’t shoot, so I didn’t and he fed back over the hill.   We then had to make a change of plans and relocate him.  Once we found him the wait was on.  He was bedded for the afternoon.  So we waited quietly until the bull stood up which felt like forever because I was so excited.  He finally got up and turned to walk away, he turned broadside and boom! 1 shot and done, thanks to Nate’s custom 7mm mag.  They weren’t sure if I missed or if I got him, but I for sure knew that I had killed him.  I can’t thank Nate enough for dedicating his time to help us on this hunt. I know all of you who go on hunts with Nate, founder of Wildbone youth will have the time of your life.  He is a wonderful guy and will make your hunt the best. If you have the chance I suggest you go with Nate, he is the Greatest!  I would like to thank the following people for all their help, my mom and dad, my grandpa, my little brother Landen, my brother in law JD Anderson with Wildstuff Taxidermy,  good friend Johnny Thomas,  and last but not least Nate and Kris Young founders of Wildbone Youth.


- Hayden Payne